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The Story Behind Nextyearlife

Gozie Ezeh



I am Gozie Ezeh,

Currently a medical student, studying in Nigeria.

I started nextyearlife.com to provide support to those who want to lose weight and maintain weight. And I believe that person might be you.

790 + Million Search Results

There is a lot of advice online on how to lose weight.

If you do a google search of “How to lose weight”. You’ll get 790+ Million results!!!

That’s a ton of information to digest.

How do you know which one is right for you? Everybody loses weight differently. How do you sort through all of them to find the solution most suited to you.

A number of these sites are really helpful like on Diet doctor and Healthline.

However, a major problem is that, lots of other sites give you fake information that is largely unhelpful and aimed at selling you a particular product or program.

Some weight loss advice are outright confusing. You go from hearing “Low Fat”, “High Fat”, “Low Carb”, High Carb”, “High Protein” and all sorts of diet in between….Its part of the struggle. 🙂

I have decided to use this blog as a platform to guide you throughout your journey to health.

Yeah, “JOURNEY TO HEALTH”. That’s what it really is.

I’ll be peeling back the confusion and help you understand the basics of how things work.

Maybe weight loss doesn’t have to be so hard...

Whatever I will be sharing with you will at best, be guided by research and in some places real life experiences.

If you are new to weight loss, you have come to the right place.

If you are already a Pro, you can still pick up a few things. And we can learn from you too 🙂

Finally, I’ll like to state it again. HEALTH is a continuous journey.

You can’t say I took care of myself yesterday and that’s okay”.

You have to continuously live well today for a better tomorrow. It’s a fight for the next day of your life and for the next year of your life.

And your life is worth fighting for. I want to help you win.

So my dear friend, Welcome to the journey for tomorrow. 🙂

Your friend,